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School Councils

Helping Shape the Delivery of CRPS' Educational Services

School councils are invaluable in Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS), playing a crucial role in shaping the delivery of educational services to students. In Alberta, school councils comprise of a majority of parents and include the school's principal, a teacher, a high school student (if applicable), and at least one community representative who is the parent of a kindergarten child enrolled in the school or a non-parent community member with an interest in the school. At the school level, school councils provide feedback to school administrators influencing the school’s mission, vision, locally developed policies, and other services and supports that help improve student learning. In CRPS, they also are asked to provide feedback into School Education Plans and School Annual Results Reports. To guide school council operations within the division, CRPS' has developed Administrative Procedure 110: School Councils

CRPS’ Board of Trustees highly values the contributions of school councils. Trustees actively engage with these parent groups, attending their meetings, and seeking their feedback on board policies and educational directions. Twice a year, school councils meet with the board to discuss the needs of their school and to address common areas of interest and concern.

Recognizing the importance of school councils, each year the board purchases a divisional membership for them to belong to the Alberta School Councils' Association (ASCA). In addition to publishing a “School Council Handbook – Meaningful Involvement for the School Council,” the ASCA provides both self-directed and on-site school council workshops.

2024/25 Council of Council Meetings

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Date  Location  Time
November 28, 2024  Central Board Office 6:30 p.m.
May 29, 2025   Central Board Office 6:30 p.m.