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Central Board Office

Despite its small size, CRPS' Central Board Office (CBO) team operates with remarkable efficiency and effectiveness. Each department plays a critical role in supporting the overall functioning and success of the division's schools, ensuring a high-quality educational experience for students. From the Learning Services Department, which identifies and implements rigorous and relevant instructional programming along a continuum of systems and supports, to the Finance and Accounting Department, which manages fiscal resources and ensures financial accountability, every team member brings expertise and dedication to their respective areas.

CRPS' CBO team fosters close collaboration and streamlined communication, allowing for quick decision-making and nimble responses to emerging needs. The team excels in leveraging limited resources, optimizing processes, and aligning initiatives to meet the division's priorities. Moreover, they are adept at building strong relationships with school administrators, teachers, and the wider community.

Despite its size, the CBO team exemplifies how a lean and focused group can achieve remarkable outcomes and drive continuous improvement in the education system.