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Monthly Activities

Fun Monthly Activities

Once a month our international student program organizes a get together for all our students - doing various kinds of social events, outings, learning and exploration of our surrounding areas. The activities we offer will vary slightly from year to year but guaranteed is that the outings are a fun way to connect as an international community. Many of the events we do become highlights during our students' time here. Just imagine the exciting excursions that are possible in the magnificent Canadian Rockies... Some examples of what you may do while with our program include:

  • team building
  • hiking
  • excursions to see some of the many beautiful places in our area
  • mountain biking
  • paddling
  • snowshoeing
  • cross country skiing
  • downhill skiing/snowboarding

Take a look at our dog sledding video:

Here are students experiencing the very Canadian winter sport curling (many for the first time in their lives)