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A K to Grade 6 Nature Based Immersion Program

Guided by the principles of Waldorf education, Canadian Rockies Public Schools' K to Grade 6 nature based immersion program, fondly known as Alpenglow School, is designed to match the natural stages of human development, allowing children to build a sense of wonder and thirst for knowledge. House out of Canmore Collegiate High School, the school has a structured and balanced curriculum, which is designed to educate “the whole child” nurturing their heart, head, and hands. 

Through a multi-disciplinary approach focused on experiential learning, outdoor settings, and artistic expression, Alpenglow's learning experiences ensure students truly know and understand a concept as they have experienced it in many ways - physically, emotionally, and intellectually. The school is dedicated to developing students’ capacity for learning and processing, de-emphasizing testing and exams to measure the success of the students. Daily class observations, conversations with the children and parents, and reflection of the students’ academic, emotional and social development are used to assess the students’ growth and success.