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Advanced Placement

A Grade 10 to 12 Academic Challenge!

Created by the College Board in the United States to stimulate and enrich students beyond the regular high school curriculum, Advanced Placement (AP) programming is designed for highly motivated and academically astute students who require a more rigorous and diverse educational experience. AP programs connect students to university-level classes and exams while still in high school and can result in gaining credit and exemption from first-year courses at post-secondary institutions. This powerful learning environment is further complemented by a teaching staff who are highly experienced and dedicated to providing educational enrichment.

Research consistently shows that AP students are better prepared for university than students who don’t take AP, regardless of their exam scores. They’re more likely to enrol and stay in university, perform well in their classes, and graduate in four years.

The best reason for a student to take an AP class is the opportunity to learn more about a subject area that the student is interested in and to be in a classroom with like-minded students. 

Course offerings are dependent on student interest. Students interested in taking an AP course should talk to their school counsellor.