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Grades 9 to 12

High School Years

Are you ready to embrace a future-ready mindset? As a high school student at CRPS, students are encouraged to embrace growth, discovery, and success with learning experiences that will enhance their skills and understanding to support future careers and undertakings.

High school students at CRPS have access to two incredible schools, Banff Community High School and Canmore Collegiate High School, both with a full complement of academic programs, courses, and extracurricular activities. From advanced placement, french immersion, outdoor learning initiatives, and specialized arts programs to future-ready STEM/STEAM programs and athletics, student will be put on the right path for a successful experience in high school and beyond.

In the classroom, students have the opportunity to immerse in experiential learning courses and programs that range from synthetic biology and environmental sustainability/design thinking to cosmetology. Outside of the classroom, they’ll have exciting opportunities to learn about their natural surroundings through the Outdoor Education Centre, becoming certified in Avalanche Skills Training (AST), water safety, and more.

Unique to CRPS, high school students have the flexibility to access programming at either high school by transferring schools by yellow bus over the lunch hour. By aligning both school's timetable, students are afforded a multitude of program offerings which meet their interests and future career pathway.

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School Websites: Banff Community High School  / Canmore Collegiate High School

High School Programs

CRPS is proud of the academic programs it offers:

Advanced Placement - designed for highly motivated and academically astute students, AP is for students who require a more rigorous and diverse educational experience.

French Immersion - ensuring FI students can become certified in all four French skills. New September 2024 is French Language Arts 10-1 and 10-2!

Career Exploration - learning opportunities that help students transition into adulthood with more confidence and purpose.

Distance Education and Flexible Learning - recognizing the importance of choice and flexibility in accessing educational programs, CRPS' online distance education and flexible learning courses allow students to seamlessly connect to dedicated teachers during the school year

Dual Credit - aimed at easing the transition from high school into post-secondary education or into the workforce, CRPS' dual credit courses offer Grade 10 to 12 students to earn post-secondary credits.

Experiential Learning - immersive courses that offer students hands-on experiences that cultivate a deeper understanding of academic concepts and practical skills

Outdoor Learning - an experiential education program that empower youth through a connection to their natural and cultural heritage.

High School Programming in Action!





Settlement Services support Permanent Residents, Live-in Caregivers, Refugees and Temporary Foreign Workers transitioning to permanent status who are living in the Bow Valley – Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise and Kananaskis – no matter the length of time living in Canada.

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