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Digital Citizenship

Filter a website and you protect a student for a day. Educate students about online safety in the real world environment, and you protect your child for a lifetime. - Christopher Harris

How do parents and teachers work together to teach students how to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world? Digital Citizenship is a key strategy for responding to these challenges at home and at school. Our grade-level themes and resources for staff, students and parents are available on our Digital Citizenship site.  With more online teaching and learning happening at home during the pandemic, Common Sense Media and MediaSmarts are offering excellent support and resources for families. Our own Right From the Start team is also offering strategies to support mental health for anyone feeling vulnerable or anxious. CRPS has also added Parent Resources to our COVID 19 area of our website with additional mental health links.

Check out the following resources which parallel the concepts addressed in our school digital citizenship units.

Digital Citizenship


Example from Parent Concerns, a Social Media video from Common Sense Media: