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The Invite - CRPS' April list of school events open to the media

April 2024

CRPS asks that the media confirm its attendance with the school!

Banff Elementary School

Spring Open House at Banff Elementary School

Embrace the spirit of renewal and curiosity at Banff Elementary School's (BES) Spring Open House, May 1, 2024, from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. This event offers a unique glimpse into the next school year, allowing students and their families to explore prospective classrooms and engage with the 'top five' learning highlights of current students. An interactive information fair will be held in the gathering area and den, with Gr. 8 students spotlighting extracurricular sports and complementary courses. Attendees can also connect with essential school support personnel, including the Right From the Start Success Coach, School and Family Wellness Worker, Settlement Worker, and School Council Representative, who will be available to discuss their programs and field questions. The gathering concludes with the 'Take Five' initiative, fostering community engagement over light refreshments. For further information, reach out to the BES Team.

BES Environmental Stewardship to Take Centre Stage

Dive into Earth Week, April 22 – 26 with the Nature Explorers Program at BES, where the spirit of environmental stewardship takes center stage. Under the guidance of Lynx, the program's dedicated facilitator, students will delve into a week of enriching activities, starting with Earth Day-inspired chalk art that paints the school in hues of environmental consciousness. The heart of the week is the Native Species Garden, a living classroom at the school's forefront, where students from Gr. 1-6 engage hands-on in nurturing 16 native and pollinator-friendly plant species. This initiative not only beautifies the school grounds but also serves as a vital educational tool, enhancing science curriculum connections and fostering a deep-rooted appreciation for nature. On Earth Day, April 22, the entire school will unite in a shared moment as Lynx presents a heartfelt slideshow video, echoing a message of gratitude for nature's bounty. This program, a testament to the school's commitment to environmental education, continues to flourish, thanks to the generous support of the Pauw Foundation, drawing admiration from the school and wider Banff community alike. For a glimpse into this green journey or more information, reach out to the BES Team.


Canmore Collegiate High School

Empowering Parents in Understanding and Supporting LGBTQ2S+ Youth

Parents, caregivers of children, youth, or teens who are interested in learning more about the LGBTQ2S+ community are invited to attend a Parent Education Session at Canmore Collegiate High School on April 25, from 7-8 p.m. in the school theatre. This workshop, led by Alida Kelly, a registered social worker and Youth/Teen Family Support Worker from the Family Connection Centre, aims to deepen understanding and foster support for LGBTQ2S+ children, youth, and teens. Participants will gain insights into LGBTQ2S+ terminology, the unique challenges these young individuals face, and how to navigate caregiver concerns. It's an invaluable opportunity for all attendees to learn, connect, and empower themselves to better support children and youth in a nurturing environment. For more details, contact Hans Holthuis or Annabel Preece.


Lawrence Grassi Middle School

LGMS Open House: A Glimpse into Student Life

Discover the vibrant student life at Lawrence Grassi Middle School during the Open House event on April 25, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Parents and families of the Bow Valley are invited to embark on a self-guided tour, offering an immersive experience into “A Day in the Life of an LGMS Student.” Explore classrooms, interact with educational exhibits, and witness firsthand the dynamic learning environment that fosters curiosity and growth. This event is a window into the daily experiences of LGMS students – an environment where students reflect on the inspiration of Lawrence Grassi by “striving to reach the peaks of excellence not only academically and physically but also socially and emotionally in their ongoing quest for success.”  For more details, reach out to Kelly Proudfoot.