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Navigating the Complex World of Social Media with Madison Cameron

National studies reveal that 95 per cent of youth have access to a smartphone, and nearly 45 per cent report being online "almost constantly" — highlighting the pervasive impact of social media on students. This digital reality brings both opportunities and challenges, which will be the focus of a series of engaging presentations by Madison Cameron from the Center for Trauma Informed Practice, entitled "The Psycho-Dynamics of Social Media."

This educational series, taking place at Exshaw and Lawrence Grassi Middle schools, May 27 and 28, 2024, is designed to inform and empower staff, students, and families about navigating the complexities of online interactions.

The series kicked off with a virtual, after-school staff presentation, May 27, when Madison shared strategies for supporting students in balancing their real and online lives. Today, May 28, Madison will connect directly with students during two, in-person sessions at Exshaw School and Lawrence Grassi Middle School. These presentations will cover important topics such as online safety, the influence of algorithms on personal values, and reinforcing the importance of young voices in the digital sphere.

This evening, the series concludes with a family presentation from 6 to 7 p.m. at Lawrence Grassi Middle School. This session will offer parents from both schools insights into the apps and platforms popular among youths, and discuss the impact of social media on self-perception and societal views.

Madison Cameron, a seasoned Youth Specialist, brings a blend of personal experience and professional expertise to these sessions, making them a must-attend for anyone interested in understanding and mitigating the impacts of social media on our younger generations.