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Kindness is Key!

At Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS), our foundational belief is that a culture of kindness creates the best environment for learning and growth. We are dedicated to nurturing an atmosphere where every student, staff, parent, and community member is treated with the utmost respect and empathy.

To solidify this ethos, we've transformed our pledge into a visual reminder: the 'Kindness is Key' poster, now featured in all our schools. This visual serves as a daily reminder to our students and staff of the importance of kindness, compassion, and understanding in every interaction. By promoting a safe and supportive environment, free from any form of abuse - whether physical, verbal, or emotional - we ensure that kindness is not just a concept, but a lived experience at CRPS.

These posters symbolize CRPS' unwavering dedication to upholding a space where mutual respect flourishes and everyone feels valued. Let's all join hands to make our schools a beacon of kindness and positivity!