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Dual Credit Program

Dual Credit 2021-22


Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism HAT 1130 (Semester 1)

Students will experience and evaluate a variety of hospitality and tourism facilities relating to product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence and process. Social media and mobile applications are included as part of the marketing mix as they are extremely important elements within the tourism industry today.

Global and Sustainable Tourism HAT 1255 (Semester 2)

Students will gain an understanding of the psychology of travel, tourism sectors, the role of key industry players, and contemporary issues in eco-tourism, sustainability and business operations of various tourism organizations. Students will also experience and evaluate various tourism facilities, with a focus on the analysis of the services and operations from a guest perspective.

Training for Performance SPM 1020 (Semester 1)

Students will learn about various aspects of training for performance. They will analyze the basic science behind activity, energy systems, and macro-cycles in sport training. Consideration will also be given to diverse populations, training facilities, equipment, schedules, budgets, as well as individual and team training preferences. 

Introduction to Sports Management SPM 1260 (Semester 2)

Students will analyze various management models and organizational structures within the sport and recreation industry. Content areas include professional, amateur, Olympic, and intercollegiate sports. 

Introduction to Veterinary Profession AHT 1050 (Semester 1)

Students will become familiar with selected animal health organizations and will adhere to the regulations of veterinary medicine in Alberta. Students are introduced to strategies and techniques for managing self and interacting with others. Students will examine animal welfare and ethical issues. This course provides students with foundational veterinary medical terminology they will use throughout their career. 

Veterinary Practice: The Team Connection AHT 1140 (Semester 2)

Students will become familiar with the aspects of the service cycle within a veterinary clinic. Students will explore veterinary software and their specific application operating a veterinary practice. They will apply communication skills to create positive experiences for veterinary clients. 

Managing Landscapes HRT 1500 (Semester 1)

Students gain experience in managing landscape sites through acquisition and implementation of design principles, cultural practices of plant material, and advancing the sustainability of landscape environments to industry standards. 

Producing Horticulture Crops HRT 1700 (Semester 2)

Learners research and assess food and ornamental field crop production markets, locations, materials, and processes to achieve a sustainable enterprise. 

Agriculture Electronics and Control Systems ATG 1007 (Sem 1)

Students will investigate foundations of control systems, electronics and practical applications in precision farming. Through experiential learning, students will identify and troubleshoot components within hardware and devices, demonstrate uses/applications of geospatial technology, test control systems and their role in product application, evaluate hardware and software, program farmequipment, and demonstrate a proven process for identifying/troubleshooting components in Agricultural Technology equipment and interpret digital diagnostic data. 


Solving Technology Problems AGT 1008 (Semester 2)

Students will engage in the problem-solving process using current hardware and software tools for applied data-driven problem solving. Through data analysis, algorithmic problem solving, and technical memo writing students will work to solve a technical agricultural issue. 

Applied Ecology EVS 1210 (Semester 2) 

This course provides an introduction to ecological principles at the species, population, community and ecosystem levels. Specific application of ecology to sustainability and the management of forest and grassland ecosystems are studied. 

Alberta Education Dual Credit Website

Recognizing the importance of collaboration and partnership in developing an education system of excellence in Alberta, Canadian Rockies Public Schools and Olds College are working together to develop high school upgrading and dual credit opportunities now and in the future for the students of the Bow Valley.  During the 2017 - 18 year, CRPS established a partnership with Olds College to offer dual credit courses in the area of Tourism and Business. Most recently we have expanded offerings to include Agriculture, Animal Health and Sports Management.

Our Flexible Learning upgrading courses will allow returning Grade 12 students and students from other districts to participate in the Dual Credit Program. This initiative seeks to increase participation of young adults in post-secondary programs.

Our Dual Credit Program achieves the Inspiring Education goals of creating engaged and entrepreneurial students.  Enrolling in college courses as options during their Grade 10, 11 & 12 years, students will earn five high school credits and three college credits per course. At no charge to students, courses are offered online, and taught by a college instructor. By partnering with local businesses, we anticipate meaningful connections to current and emerging labour markets in the Bow Valley. The Dual Credit Program aims to ease the transition from high school into post-secondary education or into the workforce.

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Students must contact Ms. Renee Husdal for a digital application:

These partnership initiatives respond to the policy direction set forth in the Inspiring Hearts and Minds work of Canadian Rockies Public Schools and the mandate of the Old's College.

“This is another example of the wonderful partnerships that Canadian Rockies is nurturing to best give our students choice and enhance transitioning to post secondary education. We are excited to be chosen as one of the initiatives funded in the province.” - Chris MacPhee, CRPS Superintendent.