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Who doesn't remember their school bus driver... and why is that?

Years after we moved on from our high school graduation, most of us can still remember the driver who took us to school each day way back when. We've all met countless people over the years, but the individuals we remember seem to be the ones who have impacted us for the better; the ones who helped shape us through their actions.

Perhaps it was special moments when our driver made us all laugh, or when they recognized something we really liked and insisted that we tell them all about it, or when they stood up for us with other kids, or perhaps when they just made us feel good about ourselves, knew our name and asked us how school was that day.

We likely didn't grasp at the time just how much effort our bus driver was making to keep us safe and on time for school, but rather it was the personal sense we felt and came to admire about them, and that’s what most of us remember years later.

It really is a special kind of person that can safely deliver students to and from school, day in and day out, navigating a mix of traffic, road and weather conditions while at the same time interacting with and becoming a role model for their riders.

Canadian Rockies Public Schools appreciates and applauds all of our drivers for their dedication to our students. It's going to be remembered.

We’re looking for you!

Are you semi-retired, self-employed, a stay at home parent, or otherwise looking for part-time income?

For those who like a rewarding job, working with a great team, and playing an important part for our Bow Valley youth and communities; school bus driving at CRPS may just be your perfect fit.

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“I grew up on an acreage near Lethbridge and have lived in Canmore for 20 years. 
My wife and I have two horses that keep us busy and I also enjoy dirt biking. I was initially attracted to bus driving to help augment my income and now I’ve been with CRPS for 17 years. I like the opportunity to travel around every day and enjoy our great scenery. It’s a fun and rewarding job and the kids are great!”

Shawn Taylor, CRPS Driver