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Continuity of Education

The coronavirus pandemic is reshaping education, changing our roles as educators, parents and students. What does continuity of education look like in these circumstances? Together, how do we collaborate to support student learning? What role does technology play? While there are challenges, there are also opportunities. The following resources are starting points for thinking critically and strategically about effective teaching and learning at home.

Quick Tips for Home Learning Coaches from the EdTech Team

  1. Establish a dedicated work space for learning.
  2. Set up habits and routines with scheduling.
  3. Use timers to help with time management.
  4. Take brain breaks and move!
  5. Socialization is an important part of learning.
  6. Check that work is done thoroughly.
  7. As much as possible, ensure student use of CRPS account is for learning purposes. 

Some timely tips from Common Sense Media