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Inclusive Learning Services

Inclusion is a values based approach and is a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal acceptance and belonging for all students. The Division is committed to a high quality of supports for inclusive education programming to support all children and students in attaining the goals of the Ministerial Order on Student Learning (#028/2020).  The Division acknowledges that children have a wide range of learning needs and recognizes the necessity of providing programs and support services for students with unique, diverse and complex learning needs.    Educating students with diverse needs in regular classrooms in neighbourhood schools shall be the first placement option considered in consultation with students, parents/guardians, school and division staff.

Inclusion in CRPS is characterized by:

  1. Valuing diversity and striving to create environments where all learners feel welcome, feel a sense of belonging and are treated with dignity and respect;  

  2. Fostering a growth mindset and high expectations for all learners;   

  3. Flexible and responsive environments that can adapt to the changing needs of all learners while embracing differences and celebrating unique strengths;

  4. Multidisciplinary collaborative teams using evidence based instructional practices and strategies to engage all learners and support their optimal achievement and growth.

AP 212 Inclusive Education