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Community Education Network

The Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) Board has been looking at governance, public engagement, and effective decision making for a number of years. In the work of the last 7 years, the School Board has discovered that it can be a more intelligent and responsive system when it hears from more people. This became particularly evident during the creation of the vision for CRPS during Inspiring Hearts & Minds (IHM).

CRPS is establishing a Community Education Network (CEN) to expand the reach of understanding and direction-setting through a community approach to public education.

"the idea of transforming schools as we know them today into neighbourhood centres, places where people living in the area can access health, education and cultural services, among other things, seven days a week, 12 months a year.  This, the author suggests, would "promote well-being for children, youth, families and the whole community."       

On June 20th members of the Community Education Network met to address the topic – How can we increase the adaptability of CRPS to ensure our vibrancy into the future?  Board Chair Kim Bater and Superintendent Chris MacPhee reviewed the Inspiring Hearts and Minds work of the division to focus on our dreams and goals and then reviewed our current financial/political situation to establish current reality.  From this place we asked two questions:

  1. What issues does this raise for you as a community education network member?
  2. What should we be considering as ideas; to push, pull and nudge us towards a preferred future?

Small groups brainstormed ideas and then were asked to contribute their top three ideas.  The information in this section identifies both of these lists.

There will be further meetings in the fall (October and November) to take this work and filter it to create a focused action approach.  Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm – stay tuned!

Grade Reconfiguration

Grade Reconfiguration - The Board approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to close six portable classrooms at ERS and to move the Grade 4 students from ERS to LGMS in September 2013. Grade 8 students will remain at LGMS for at least the 2013-2014 school year; cohort numbers will determine when they will eventually move to CCHS.

Grade Reconfiguration changes at CRPS  (Posted March 1, 2013)

For a number of years Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) has been working with the challenges of declining enrolment, diminishing financial resources, working alongside other school authorities, and pursuing our Inspiring Hearts and Minds (IHM) goals.

Here are the basics of the blended option for you to examine:

  • Close six portables at Elizabeth Rummel School (cost savings $28,000/yr).  There are presently 12 portables in total.
  • Grade 4’s from ERS move to LGMS – Sept 2013
  • Grade 8’s remain at LGMS at least for 2013-2014 school year
  • Cohort numbers will determine when Grade 8’s will move to CCHS

Other changes will be considered as next stages based on up-to-date cohort size info and space availability (as partnerships and other revenue generation ideas develop)