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The staff of the Canadian Rockies Public Schools is committed to providing meaningful information to parents/guardians/caregivers and students in relation to the student's school experience.  One part of the communication process between home and school involves the four formal reporting periods that will take place throughout the year.  Each reporting period will provide information in relation to learning outcomes and learner attributes.  These four periods consist of:

  • Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences - November 4, 5, 6, 2020
  • Written Report- January 2021
  • Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences - March 17, 18, 19, 2021
  • Written Report - June 2021

Over the course of several years, CRPS has developed a common report card for Grades K - 8.   Reporting is based on learning outcomes.  Based on multiple sources of data, the reports will provide a detailed overview of student progress in relation to academic outcomes and learner attributes.  To help parents become familiar with the new design we have created a Parent Handbook.  

CRPS has established an Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Committee that will periodically review practices and procedures that are utilized throughout the district.  

Teachers in Grades K- 8 will be using a Progress and Goal Development Form during the October and March Parent/Guardian/Student/Teacher Conferences.