Right from the Start

Mental Health Capacity Building Project for Children and Families

Right from the Start is one of 37 projects in a province wide Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative. This initiative is led by Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education, in partnership with allied health, social service and community agencies with funding from Alberta Health and Wellness.

Through an enriched model for integrating community resources in school-based programming, mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention services are delivered within Banff Elementary School, Elizabeth Rummel School and Lawrence Grassi Middle School in Canmore. The project vision asserts that mental health is not an affliction. We envision a shift towards a culture that will establish the spectrum of mental health as a vital part of each person. The project mission is to cultivate community that values and supports mental health and well-being through a framework of promotion, prevention and early intervention.

The team has established the Mental Health Wellness Wheel which describes mental health as comprised of the four components: Physical (our body), Psychological (our mind), Emotional (our feelings) and Spiritual (our beliefs). Much of our programming places emphasis on school wide mental health and wellness, class presentations, mindfulness practices, opportunities for role modeling of healthy decision making and conflict resolution, healthy relationships, citizenship, as well as individual support for children and families. The project team consists of a two Wellness Mentors, two Success Coaches and a Project Coordinator and many impactful partnerships with community agencies and organizations to assist with the co-creation and delivery of mental health programming.

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